Global Warming and Geo-engineering

Warming Oceans, Warming Planet, The Bottom Line

IPCC Meeting



Dane Wigington

Taking The Bait

The planet is in full blown meltdown and even now the spin masters have successfully triggered a new “global cooling” mob. It seems that if Al Gore is a hypocrite (and he is), science reality and the indisputable observations on the ground go out the window. And what about the incomprehensibly massive global geoengineering programs? Those that have jumped on the “cooling” bandwagon do not seem to take into account the fact that “global dimming” caused largely by the aerosol spraying from geoengineering is blocking some 20% of the sun or more, not to mention jet stream manipulation with HAARP and the artificially/chemically nucleated snow storms covered later. In spite of the ongoing all-out geoengineering assault, global temperatures are the warmest in at least 4000 years.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.42.49 AM

If the planet is cooling, why are forest fires increasing in quantity, size, and intensity, around the globe?

temp anomalies March 2014

Losing Credibility

When so many anti-geoengineering activists pick up the “global cooling” banner without doing any objective investigation, it does not help the credibility of our cause. By taking a position on the true state of climate which is not supported by hard evidence and ground observations, it undermines the cause of stopping geoengineering. Potential converts to the anti-geoengineering cause, especially from academia, will likely throw out any information to support the conclusion geoengineering is a reality due to completely unsupportable conclusions of “global cooling” within the anti-geoengineering movement.

People are correct to be skeptical of the recent IPCC reports and the data they contain, but here is the rub, if one truly examines front line statistics, with all of the climate feed back loops considered (which the IPCC excluded), then it is indeed only possible to conclude that the IPCC data is wrong, but in the opposite direction of what most have factlessly concluded.

The IPCC predictions fall far short of disclosing the true gravity of our situation. The walls are closing in by the day in regard to the climate on too many fronts to elaborate on in this article, geoengineering is a huge element in fueling this fire overall in spite of the short term cooling effects of these climate modification programs.


Though the IPCC report mentioned global geoengineering in the final paragraph, as expected, they of course made no mention of the fact that these planetary decimating programs even exist let alone the fact that they have been deployed for decades. The massive global geoengineering programs are temporarily and toxically helping to hide some aspects of the rapid warming through solar radiation management (SRM) and artificial/chemical ice nucleation. At the same time, the environmentally decimating effects of these climate “cooling” programs are pounding the final nails into our collective coffins and are also making the warming worse in the long run.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.37.42 AM

The Heat Build Up

The geoengineers can and are confusing perspectives on the climate. By blocking the sun, artificially/chemically nucleating/cooling storm systems, and falsifying temps to the “DOWN” side, the geoengineers can and are causing controversy, but the heat is building rapidly in spite of the recent wave of belief to the contrary. The climate “scientists” are also no help in unraveling the true state of affairs. The total omission of the ongoing geoengineering reality is incomprehensible. These scientists are either clinically blind, in total denial, being threatened, or paid liars.

Those that truly wish to unravel the facts will take the time to read the link below and do further investigation from other sources. Though the article in the link does not admit to or even mention geoengineering and its effects on skewing climate data since, as already mentioned, the scientific community will not yet admit to it.

So how fast is the heat building when the ocean temperatures are considered? Reuters reports on warming acceleration 1998 was logged as the warmest year ever recorded, available data and consensus indicates that the full deployment of global geoengineering went into effect the following year. (though available records indicate the solar radiation management programs (SRM) and other aspects of global weather modification were being built up since the late 1940s).

Falsification of temperature and UV data also appears to have been implemented along the way as well in the attempt to hide the severity of our unfolding situation. Recent testing shows clearly just how much falsification has gone on in an apparent attempt to hide the severity of UV radiation.

Geoengineering is Destroying the Ozone Layer

Off The Chart UV Levels Not Being Disclosed
sunSo, How Bad Can It Get? Just when it seemed the negative news surrounding global geoengineering could not get any worse, it absolutely can and more…
Don’t Believe UV Ratings are Off the Charts?
factsMassive UV Levels Are Not So Easy To Hide. (Even if the disinfo agents lie about the facts)Most have already noticed how incredibly hot the sun feels in recent years. Bark is literally being burned off of trees in countless locations. Plants are stunted, gardens don’t produce in many regions, etc. Would global geoengineering negatively affect the ozone layer? read more…

“Official” temperature readings appear to now be regularly falsified to the down side. I can absolutely say this for certain in Northern California as I have personally monitored this for several years. The “official” high temp readings for any given day is consistently less than the actual temperature on the ground taken at multiple shaded locations. Generally the actual readings are 3, 4, 5 degrees or even more above the “official” reading. This same scenario has been confirmed in other locations around the US. Just like the UV readings, Just like the actual amounts of radiation from Fukishima, just like the “official” estimation of oil which leaked from the Gulf oil spill, data is falsified to the down side.


Do the powers that be want you to believe in global warming? Yes. Do these same powers have agendas they are trying to carry out based on “climate change”? Yes. Do “they” want the herd to panic from knowing the true gravity of our collective dilemma and the speed at which the climate is unraveling? Absolutely not. (an unravelling being fueled by global geoengineering)

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 10.53.16 AM

If ice is not melting overall, why are the oceans rising?

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 11.02.01 AM

The real story of Arctic ice is the mass/volume, that is all that matters. The “ice extent” (thin surface ice) is irrelevant in comparison.

The mass/volume of Arctic ice is in fact at all time

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 10.23.28 AM

The Ocean Temps Are The Bottom Line.

A cubic meter of seawater can store 4000 times more thermal energy than the same volume of air. No matter how much the geoengineers try to block the sun with toxic reflective metals, no matter how much toxic ice nucleating chemicals they use to cool clouds and create artificially nucleated snow storms, the heat build up in the seas will trump all.

August 2013: Hottest Ocean Surface Temperatures on Record Defy ENSO, Spur Continental Deluges

From the site of Robert Scribbler.blended-land-and-sea-surface-temperatures2

The geoengineers can and are spraying the hell out of us all. This includes loads of spraying/artificial ice nucleation over existing cloud cover which most geoengineering activists seem not to consider.

Geoengineered Snowstorms – THE SNOWMEN Turning Warmth Into Winter Part 1

factsScreenheads clicking into Hollywood’s upcoming distractions can anticipate some improbable sci-fi antics this summer. But make believe can’t come close to what’s happening right over their bowed heads. It’s called “Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering” and it means exactly what you’d rather not ask. read more…

Geoengineered Snowstorms – THE SNOWMEN Turning Warmth Into Winter Part 2

snowstormsThe anticipated Big Blow came unexpectedly in late October 2012, when a late-season tropical storm picked up enough energy from an unusually warm Atlantic Ocean to maintain hurricane intensity as it tracked north. Blocked from recurving eastwards by the Greenland High, Sandy “did something never observed before in records going back to 1851 – it took a sharp turn to the west and headed toward the most populated area along the eastern seaboard,” scientists said. Invigorated by cold air deflected south from the Arctic, Sandy morphed into “a monster hybrid storm” with “the lowest atmospheric pressures ever recorded” for any storm making landfall north of Cape Hatteras. Instead of snow, Sandy unleashed rain of monsoon intensity. read more…

This being said, no matter how much the geoengineers are able to skew the climate above the surface of the seas, the heat build up in earths oceans is the bottom line.

In 2012, 46 ships used the “Northern Route”, this year (2013) 400 ships are expected to use the “Northern Route”. This is almost a 1000% increase over last year. Though some media has tried to spin and hide this fact by focusing on a few small yachts that went off course and got stuck in thin ice.

So how are the fish doing with all the changes, pollution, geoengineering, and heating?

Unprecedented fish die offs are also being recorded around the globe.
How is the health of our oceans overall?

“Human Assault Pushes Oceans To Limit Not Seen In At Least 300 Million Years.”


Those that care about the truth and who wish to come to accurate and supportable conclusions in order to maintain the credibility necessary to successfully expose global geoengineering need to do at least some objective research. Leaping at the conclusions of biased and baseless articles from sources with various agendas will not help the cause of exposing the ongoing geoengineering programs. A “headline” is not a source of verifiable data.

Exposing geoengineering should remain the focus if that is the goal.


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