Condoleezza Rice: A Product of the Black Bourgeoisie Misleadership Class

by Mel Reeves

Faculty and student groups a the University of Minnesota insulted history and Black America, last month, inviting Condoleezza Rice to speak on the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. Rice and her immediate family rejected that Movement. “She is not a beacon of the Civil Rights Movement but, rather, an embarrassment.”

Condoleezza Rice is Not Qualified to Speak on Civil Rights

by Mel Reeves

Protesters forced former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to withdraw from a commencement address at Rutgers University, in New Jersey, this week. However, demonstrators were unable to prevent Rice from speaking to a University of Minnesota audience, three weeks ago. The author was among the opposition.

All the hard work in the world would not have opened the doors for Rice if there had not been a Movement.”

There are myriad reasons why Condoleezza Rice was a bad choice to speak at the University of Minnesota on “Keeping Faith with a Legacy of Justice: the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.”

The first is that it would be downright hypocritical. Rice is not an expert on Civil Rights, in fact, her life and her career are all a reflection of her disdain for civil rights. Rice, nor her family believed in the efficacy of the struggle for the rights of black people to be free of Jim Crow racism in the United States. And her record as National Security Adviser and Secretary of State from 2001-2008 in the Bush Administration indicates that she is not qualified to talk about “rights” human or civil. She spent her entire career in Washington dedicated to separating so-called enemies of the US from their civil and human rights.

According to Rice, the Civil Rights Movement wasn’t necessary, legal segregation (Jim Crow) would have worked itself out and ended on its own, or collapsed under its own weight.

In a Washington Post interview years ago she said, “I felt that segregation had become not just a real moral problem, but it had become a real pain in the neck for some [white] people, People had begun to make their own little accommodations.” Really, Dr. Rice? White southerners, out of the kindness of their hearts, were going to give up the political, economic, and social advantages that Jim Crow segregation had granted them? Her statement recalls what we in the black community used to call “educated fools.” Clearly Rice, who grew up in Birmingham in the middle of the Civil Rights struggle, has a revisionist idea of those times.

According to Rice, the Civil Rights Movement wasn’t necessary.”

Condoleezza has bragged that her family didn’t march because her father didn’t think he could turn the other cheek. But that’s a poor excuse, because not all of the marches called for direct confrontation with authority. The Rice family could have gotten involved in the Movement, but they chose to sit it out.

I think the truth is, her dad and her family thought they were above marching, like many other black middle class folks who sat out the movement, but didn’t hesitate to walk through the doors opened by people they looked down on. Her father Rev. Rice, the pastor of a Presbyterian church in Birmingham, disparaged civil rights leader and fellow preacher Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth’s efforts, calling him “misguided” and his congregation “uneducated.”

The Rices were from the black bourgeoisie, a class that on some level benefitted from segregated society; they were “somebody” in their apartheid circles. They had acquired education and a few dollars and had a certain measure of comfort with White Supremacy and, unlike their more working class brethren, were somewhat shielded from the economic blows of Jim Crow segregation.

Yet, ironically, while Rice’s family sat out the protests, their daughter directly benefited from them. All the hard work in the world would not have opened the doors for Rice if there had not been a Movement of brave folks, who did have the courage to turn the other cheek for the bigger prize.

But she has had the nerve to say publicly that “she should have made it” no matter the obstacles. She has been quoted saying, “My family is third-generation college-educated, I should’ve gotten to where I am.” Clearly this fits the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” philosophy that has made her a darling among the enemies of black progress, namely conservatism.

Three cheers for the sister who took the South’s bowel movements and made fertilizer all by herself!

But as a columnist said in a Huff Post article about 10 years ago, “We will never know where she ‘would’ have ended up, if there had been no Rosa Parks, no Dr. King, no Southern Christian Leadership Council, and no March on Washington….”

Her father disparaged civil rights leader and fellow preacher Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth’s efforts, calling him “misguided” and his congregation “uneducated.”

Of course the other way to assure that doors would be open is to do the bidding of US Imperialism, which Rice served so well in her former posts as National Security Adviser and Secretary of State.

The truth is, she is not a beacon of the Civil Rights Movement but, rather, an embarrassment. She became an apologist and supporter of unjust war, directly responsible for the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the war on Iraq. She was also an apologist for torture, becoming one of the first White House officials to go on record supporting any form of torture. Don’t take my word for it look it up, it’s in the record.

And by the way, she has done nothing to enhance the civil rights or careers of fellow African Americans, but has simply enhanced her own career. And accepting $150,000 to speak on a subject and a movement she philosophically disagrees with makes her a pimp.

The truth is she has behaved worse than a common criminal.

Most well raised children have sense enough to apologize when they have done wrong – and she has done plenty wrong – but she hasn’t shown an ounce of remorse. She has no guilt and no shame. Rice won’t even admit that she was wrong to give the ok to torture or wrong to invade a country and kill and destroy and wreak havoc on false pretenses (for oil).

Pray tell what does this woman have to add to a discussion about rights? If she had any decency she would have turned down the invitation!



  1. I didn’t know her father was a pastor. This explains that appalling lovefest in evidence when she visited Israel. She is obviously one of those American (Protestant or Evangelical) Christians that confuses the word for the State of Israel w/ the word heard in her Sunday School lessons as a child; whilst not recognising Palestinian & Lebanese Christians as even being human. Despite we are at least partially descended from the first Jewish Christians… at the risk of confusing the anti-semites out there…

    I have saved somewhere an amazing quote from a Lebanese made after her “birthpangs of a democracy” comment during the 2006 bombing of Lebanon. (If I find it I’ll post it here).

    She reminds me of one of the Aliens w/ the fake human face & skin in that 1980s sci-fi TV series… What was the name of that? … Between 1982 & 84… When they tore their human looking faces off & underneath they were not very nice Aliens…

    1. *It was called ‘V’ & aired in 1984

      1. never saw it but she does look like an alien with a fake human face. i use to draw pictures of her as the creature from the Ring movie.

    2. Zoe, back in the 90s I used to watch TV evangelists. This one guy referred to and i think was offering a Bible or Bible commentary that referred to the ancient Israelites as Israelis. Talk about those who control the present rewriting the past! The fake Israelites have projected themselves back into Bible history. Funny how much of American evangelists are Zionists. One even had Netanyahu as a guest speaker.

      1. They need to listen to that great Desmond Dekker song ‘The Israelites’ to get those two terms straight… or to just let that beautiful ska beat & Mr.Dekker’s voice align their neurons to a more loving place! (Then again if I listen to the lyrics now that I am older I may find them to be very politically zionist! I listened to it a lot in the 70s).

        I had a Palestinian friend — from Nazareth — to dinner & my mum asked him how the older indigenous Jews feel about the occupation. (This is when many were alive still to remember the Nakba/Catastrophe). He said “They hate the occupation too”.

        They referred to themselves as neither of the above of course (Israelite/Israeli). Israeli zionists rarely mention those people. If ever! The elderly who lived side by side w/ Christians & Muslims & loathed/loathe what they also called/call ‘the occupation’. Because of the lie that the land was “empty” presumably.

        There are whole books on these ‘end days’ lunatics supporting the State of Israel. And I mean books from our perspective. Though I’m sure they have written boatloads on how Christians should suppport the modern State of Israel to coax Christ out of what they percieve as semi-retirement.

        Perhaps abusing & slaughtering innocent civilians will bring the return of Christ — but not for the reasons they think! As an indigenous Orthodox Christian believer I will say they know nothing about the teachings of Christ.

        Israel uses them despite Jews do not believe in their story. Of course these Evangelicals completely ignore indigenous Palestinian Christians! We (indigenous Orthodox & Eastern & Oriental Catholic) stand w/ Muslims for freedom of course. Ultra Orthodox Jews are against the State of Israel also. They used to show up at our peace events & Nakba commemerations outside the UN etc. holding big banners. They don’t believe ‘Israel’ should be a gun toting secular nation state. Of course.

        A group of Orthodox rabbis helped the Jahalin also (Bedouin people in Palestine who took Israel to court when they were forcibly moved from their ancestral land to live in large metal shipping crates next to a trash dump).

        To return to Mr.Desmond Dekker: Wikipedia said his name was originally Dacres! And that he passed on in 2006. I’m sure he performed that hit song a lot all that time. + Memory Eternal!

  2. “The Ring” hahaha… I would love to see your drawings! (Scan them here please! What else is technology for?).

    It’s probably good you never saw that 1984 sci-fi series ‘V’ because it started out promising & then became really horrible. I think a reviewer called it ‘Dynasty with Aliens’ or something like that.

    But the special effects where the actors pulled off their human faces to reveal lizard-like aliens underneath was amazing & won an award or two.

    Off the point of politics (if lizard faces can be construed as politics by anyone but David Icke fans): She has such a cute face that almost everytime I have ever seen her I picture her w/ her hair not straightened. I possibly hate that she chemically straightens & then flatirons her hair (& then probably puts even more chemicals in it from the hair care aisle) even more than I hate her politics. (And that is a LOT. Because again her bombing of Lebanon comments 2006).

    Picture her w/ sweet completely natural hair… Also I hold a delusional belief that if she let her hair go natural her fascistic personality & politics would change…

    1. i would have to find the drawings. i dont see pretty. just evil. also i am a david icke fan.

  3. Speaking of scary films that remind us of US race relations:

    Filmmaker George Romero just passed on.

    I always thought ‘Night of the Living Dead’ was a thinly veiled American civil rights story. It was so obvious but I never saw that written about in reviews or film history pieces (inc. documentary). It was released in 1968 after Watts/Newark/Detroit/MLK murder (?Not sure when the film was filmed — 67?) & all the preceding protests & firehosings & the Church bombing & the murder of the Mississipi three etc.

    The handsome & very sane Black man is the hero whilst the White people become crazed zombies; after catching it from each other. Until finally — though he stays completely moral & sane — he is shot & killed by white police; who have mistaken him for the zombie/criminal.

    It always bothered me that that seems to have flown over so many people’s heads!

    And I have always thought George Romero was Latino. Though he may simply have a Latin name. (I’ve never read an in depth bio. Perhaps they exist online now that he has passed on). For that reason I thought he might have personally experienced racism for being a POC in the States.

    Memory Eternal ❤

  4. Right! I had forgotten about that ending. I remember seeing this back in the day, not exactly sure when, and thinking how remarkable it was to have a black character as the hero during this period.

    It was a poignant ending.

    I remember another early horror flick with a black hero. (I never saw these at the movies but reruns on TV)

  5. It was/is a brilliant ANTI-propaganda film.

    Yes. The ending was really sad. I’m glad someone else felt that; because most people simply laugh at horror films. That ending was so sad precisely because of the reality it reflected then (1968!) & still sadly does. With the White people infected by each other w/ an urge to kill & the Black man fighting them off only to be taken for the murderer by the White police.

    Political civil rights commentary made palatable through the medium of horror film/entertainment.

    Just like the film ‘Get Out!’ at present. Jordan Peele — in recent interviews I heard on WNYC public radio — said he was influenced by ‘The Stepford Wives’; which at the time was a feminist perspective in a horror film. I can’t recall if he mentioned ‘Night of the Living Dead’ also. (I’ll try to find the interview in one of the WNYC podcasts & if I ever find out how to paste things here I will! Or I’ll just tell you where it is).

    Please do NOT tell me anything more about ‘Get Out!’ because I haven’t seen it yet!

    I haven’t heard of or seen the second film you posted here. I’ll look it up. After I stop laughing about how this dialogue we’re having is going in the Condi Rice thread! It makes sense though since — if I recall properly — in the article it describes how her family stood by in comfort chastising civil rights pastors in the 60s when this film came out; whilst people were gruesomely murdered by soulless White people… just like in the film…

  6. In ‘The Beast Must Die’ the Black character is named ‘Tom’ & was recently let out from ‘prison’? (According to Wikipedia — which is the only thing I just read on it). Hahaha. It was 1974. At least they made him an ‘artist’. They were trying hard in 1974. But they still had to have him shoot himself in the head at the end; to save the rest of decent society from his eventual evil as a werewolf.

    Let’s analyse this! It’s funny that his name is Tom & then he has to kill himself to avoid killing the remaining White people in the film. Or not so funny…

    In a clip played on WNYC now George Romero is just saying — as I write this — that “there were race riots … as we were driving to New York to show it to distributors Martin Luther King had just been killed”. (The last word may have been “shot” etc. I was typing as he was speaking & I type slow & forgot the last word). So obviously he WAS aware of the message.

    My speeds are down on my phone now (until my next bill in several weeks) & that’s my only internet access now; so if I seem to not comment on any video links you send — it’s because I have to watch them later.

    1. very interesting

      1. I wasn’t meaning to take away from what you said about the character ‘Tom’ being a “Hero”. Or in any way maligning the actor playing him. It was 1974! I was joking about the name (my grandfather’s; only when he was at home in arabic: Touma) & him having to kill himself at the end.

        I don’t believe in judging elders retroactively; like people do to the brilliant & amazing dancer Bill Robinson & other Hollywood stars. I find it to be really disrespectful! Long story but I got in a big fight w/ a US museum for using a thumbnail of him in tie & tails on their website as an example (as avatar link to page) of a racist trope in film/an actor who bowed to racism.

        Really? Bill Robinson? In the 30s? I sent them a clip of his stairs dance w/ an explanation of why I thought they were wrong to disrespect him by using him as an example & they wrote back that in that scene (which apparently they’d never seen that or any other of him in a film before I sent it!) at the end the white butler comes in the room & shakes his head & the Bill Robinson character — key word ‘character’ — apologises. He was playing an enslaved person in a 1930s period film; so that’s what you have on him that justifies your humiliating him w/ that avatar? One second of him nodding to the actor playing the white butler after his otherworldly stair dancing that dancers still have trouble replicating?! I hate when people retroactively judge elders — when they cannot imagine what it was like to live back then… Hahaha… sorry for the digression…

        Anyway: my joking about the ending where he has to kill himself does not mean I am judging that. It’s like Omar Sharif (real name Michael & a Lebanese Egyptian as his parents are Lebanese & a Melkite/ancient Syrian Byzantine Church like my family) playing the character in that completely racist ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ film. In the first scene a stranger is shot & killed for drinking at an Arab well! There goes thousands of years of Arab hospitality out the Hollywood window! Not even any conversation first! Strangers are honoured in Arab etiquette/custom/culture. We don’t traditionally have the concept of ‘crashing’ a wedding because the stranger was made the guest of honour. It was considered really lucky for a stranger to wander in — so I heard people used to search for someone! Don’t know if that’s true or a joke that got told & became true. But regardless: the strict Arab hospitality rules were totally misrepresented in that racist film! But I really love Omar Sharif (Michael or Michel or Mikael)… a brilliant actor & I don’t fault him for being in that film at all.

        Back to our subject in the Condi article you posted above. Yesterday I heard (on WNYC re. a book author interview on US athletes politics/society) that Jackie Robinson was a Republican before changing parties. The author said it was because he believed in smaller government — the older reason many were Republican (prior to the agendas of the later & current party). I don’t know if you already know that but I did not. (I should probably have a look at lists of Republicans in history… beside the usual people cited in the early forerunner party in the 19th c.).

      2. Yeah, I knew about the old Republicans. The party of Lincoln. Not sure when they changed to the party of racists. I think it was the civil rights era. Before that I think many blacks were GOP.

      3. Yeah, 32% of blacks voted for Nixon, and I think that was the last time a Republican got a significant chunk of the black vote. Generally political analysts blame his “Southern strategy” which was considered racist, for the GOP’s loss of black support since then.

      4. Resw & Nomad

        I forgot to say about that: The author being interviewed said what you two just wrote; that Jackie Robinson was Republican when it was still seen as the party of Lincoln & of Black Americans & then he finally became a Democrat; a bit later than some people preferred — as apparently he was criticised. (The book is about various athletes & politics — Ali etc.).

        Jackie Robinson moved to near where my dad moved to in CT an hour from NYC & around the same time. They experienced the same colour-lining red-lining ‘gentleman’s agreement’ (hence the film w/ Gregory Peck being set here). Carly Simon’s mom got people to sell Jackie Robinson a house. I forgot how… letter writing campaign from famous writers & musicians who lived locally? (Carly is part Jewish & part Latino; the latter not being reported very often & I think that is on her mother’s side).

        It’s still racist here. I’m back in the area but in a place that I think is colour-lined in a very dog whistle way; not in either place where Mr.Robinson or my dad bought a house.

        In the towns where Mr. Robinson & my dad bought a house it’s now racist in an “All lives matter” & “Anyone who works…” “I work hard…” “My parents worked hard…” kind of way; even though anyone w/ enough $$ can buy a house there now. Quotes are verbatim from a local private community blog from one of those towns responding to flyers thrown in people’s driveways that said “White Lives Matter”. The whole thread was about how sensitive & not racist they were & about them.

        Meanwhile on another post about how great they all (the town & the churches & synagogue etc.) were for helping resettle a Syrian refugee family; the blogger wrote how the family was settled in the neighbouring town (a city really… where I was born) because it is “more multicultural” & hence “better for them”. I’m not kidding… hahaha… So that’s what’s going on in the towns that refused to sell Jackie Robinson a house at PRESENT…

    2. Let’s analyse this! It’s funny that his name is Tom & then he has to kill himself to avoid killing the remaining White people in the film. Or not so funny…

      I think they call that subtext. Its valid. These are transitional figures in black cinema tropes. Time was the black character would get killed before the end of the movie, but he was not the hero. In these 60 and 70s films, he’s a hero, but he still gets killeed. No happily ever after. In the 80s and 90s we get black heroes that actually survive. Of course Sidney Portier was always the exception. And to alesser extent Harry Belafonte.

      1. That was a brilliant breakdown Nomad. I hadn’t noticed that whole trajectory before you wrote it.

        I think w/ Mr.Poitier he was such a brilliant actor & then also amazingly beautiful & sexy that Hollywood execs & fans who otherwise slammed the door in people’s faces allowed him to walk through it. He walked straight through the completely closed doors w/ sexy superpowers apparently unavailable to mere mortals. He blinded them w/ beauty. Inner & outer.

        My favourite thing from him may be from off screen. (I say ‘may be’ because I love him in so many of his films). I hope it’s on Youtube. Where he becomes really furious at reporters during a press interview about being asked constantly & only about being a Black actor. (Not that it is in any way pleasant to watch since I got angry for him every time I heard it).

        The other early/mid 70s hero was the Judas portrayal in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. (Another very beautiful actor girls… & to piss off Absinthegone: BOYS). Where he was at once the anti-hero for betraying Jesus (traditional view) AND the moral compass hero for betraying Jesus in order to protect the poor & destitute (non-traditional Gnostic view… & MY view… As indigenous Oriental Orthodox we are allowed our own views on most things… It’s not dogmatic like in the Latin Catholic rite etc. In the bible the Apostle who criticised Jesus about wasting the oil which could be given to the poor was not named. It’s only a ‘small t’ tradition that some think it may have been Judas…).

        So place that Judas portrayal in the same era — in the trajectory you illuminated — as the character in the 1974 horror film you linked. Because the betrayer of Jesus is a black Jew whilst all the others are paler Jews inc. the whiter than white Jesus there; but he becomes more moral & sincere & devoted to Jesus’ teachings than the others. (The ‘black Judas’ was of course after the Da Vinci ‘Last Supper’ painting portrayal & those of other artists. But who was the first?). So that puts it in the same transitional place you just wrote of.

        My dad begun as an actor. But because he was seen & sometimes called “a black man”/”black” he could not get roles except for gangster & villain roles; so he became a DJ & then a program director where he hired & monitored DJs & playlists & then very briefly (a year?) in the mid-60s finally VP of radio at NBC radio (& not of the WHOLE network & not in the “40s” as Astrofem wrote) & finally a program consultant (where he worked at various stations all over the US & Puerto Rico for anywhere from weeks to months to a year etc. if I recall properly). (I hope Astrofem & Starina & Solitude are reading all that & getting themselves angry about me being a liar again. A semite getting hired in the entertainment industry! Shocking! Or being seen as “Black” in the Midwest but NOT in NYC or Miami or Houston — what a shock. Better hire a private detective to help uncover the truth there…).

        He stopped acting around 1950. In theatre in the Midwest. I had only one playbill my mother saved of his. It was from the original play that the film ‘Gaslight’ was taken from. He played the evil villainous husband of course! My mother said he was so good in it she almost didn’t marry him! (They’d just begun dating). To circle back to the term ‘gaslight’ which has been flying round a lot recently!

        It would be interesting to have a film festival that chronologically portrays the trajectory you described. Let’s have it on the beach in my town w/ food & drink (wine siphoned into non-glass containers as required by law)!


    3. . I had only one playbill my mother saved of his. It was from the original play that the film ‘Gaslight’ was taken from.

      That is so ironic.

      Again you mention one of my favorite movies. This one I actually went to the theatre to see. I loved that Judas portrayal …its everything you said… and this song. Ohhhhh! He wont listen to me! Ohhh. Ohhhh. Ohhhh. Echoing thru the mountains.

      1. “ironic” Re. my dad having played the evil lead in the stage version of ‘Gaslight’ because those were the only roles he could get when some people saw him as “Black”/”a black man” c.1950 Appalachian Ohio & Astrofem et al trying to gaslight me over how “white” he was/is.

        Hahahahaha. The Nomad is very perceptive! When I responded to Astrofem in that ‘Lord of the Flies’ thread that she should look up “gaslighting” after she was even trying to make ME agree to what SHE said my dad (& to a lesser extent me) LOOK like (having never seen he nor I before) & managed to get Starina to believe her & have Solitude assist in interrogating me; I kept thinking to myself whilst typing ‘I know what gaslighting is; my dad played the evil husband on stage!’

        I didn’t say a LOT of what I was thinking. Hahaha. And as I’ve already said on your blog — never even finished reading that post. Why bother!

        I think the play was called ‘Angel Street’ (?).

        Whilst on topic: ‘Lord of the Flies’ was a great film also; as was the book. Other things in English literature that remind me of that experience on that BOG taking punches right & left & not going down; in their cyber-equivilant of a girls school bathroom:

        Orwell (various)
        Kafka (various)
        ‘A Clockwork Orange’ (book not film)

    4. I used to hate to see a black character in a horror or war movie, because you knew that that character was going to die first. We black folks tended to identify with that hapless character. Romero changed all that. Horror movie without a black character? Good. I can sit back and relax and watch the white folks get killed.

      1. Makes sense since you wanted the tubular metal NOMAD ‘destroyer of worlds’ to win vs. the mostly ‘white’ crew of the Starship Enterprise –aside from Spock the semitic looking alien & the two token POC — to win!

        And can we please put on the table WHY the only semitic looking person on The Starship has to be an alien?!

        Well I hope you would save at least 1/2 of me if I were drowning. Since I’m a Harab. Half-Arab. (To make a veiled reference to that recent ‘Let them die’ Son of Baldwin article/post that got tweeted round the world & almost got the Hartford Prof fired… or maybe not ‘almost’ as I haven’t followed that for a few weeks. I think he’s on leave. Which is code for ‘waiting for enough angry people to forget what happened; until they no longer constitute a torch weilding mob’. If Cornel West was allowed to keep his position after the anti-semitism campaign against him; probably this prof will be able to continue).

        And I hope ‘Harab’ doesn’t mean something else in Arabic or Hebrew or Farsi or any other language! (Since I just called myself that).

        If only half of me is going to be saved I’d like to choose which. I’d also like it to be done in an atomised way — like plastic sugery vs. actual death to half of me.

        Carl Anderson (who played ‘Judas’) post (manifesto on brilliance & beauty) to follow this. Only because of how mad long it is probably going to be & I have to sort out how to write about him without sounding like a besotted lunatic. (Or THE besotted lunatic that I actually am). Also because I have to wash some dishes & clothes & perhaps colour my hair. Not sure about the last tonight but my tweet round the world would be: ‘Let them Dye!’ vs. ‘die’.

    5. This inspires me to do a post on blacks in mainstream film. A place to post all of my favorite movies. Also want to do an Abagond type post or posts on music. Except that I dont do research for the backgrounds to songs. So it will be basically music appreciation. Also I want to transfer my comments on Abagond’s conspiracy theory post. Almost all the comments on that thread are mine.

      1. It’s a great thought — future “film post” etc.

        I may be able to help you w/ some of the music background. I grew up in the industry & record exec colleagues of my dad of cos. large & small sent records to the house every week. (Since he was in radio programming… to use the scary word ‘programming’… after having used the scary word ‘industry’). Including obscure things & music from all over the world. (West Africa & Sudan & Japan etc.). Plus he used to drag us to concerts & shows. And then in NYC in the 80s I was in the music/art scene w/ Jean Michel Basqiat etc. My brother & friends & neighbours were all musicians.

        Salvador Dali & Jesus Christ Superstar — the link:

        I was going to write something else here to you about Jesus Christ Superstar on both album/stage/screen but when I was looking up something I wanted to tell you about the original early 70s performance I saw on Broadway (w/ my parents as I was a child) I fell down a rabbit hole online that took me to Salvador Dali’s theory of mystical Catholicism intersected w/ mathematics. He is still illuminating me all these years later. That lead to a concept for some jewellery. (Via the explanation of some math he used in the painting that influenced an element of the stage design in at least one scene of the original Jesus Christ Superstar).

        I’ll explain later if I am not too angry at you. Since unbeknownst to you yet — we have just begun to have our first fight over on your recent James Corbett post comment thread!

  7. You need a “like” button Nomad.

    I hears they are gettimg ready to kill of Morgan in “Walkimg Dead”. Some think he is no longer “useful” for the story line.

    1. I may have to find a new blog theme. Only two level nested reply. I’ll look into that and how to get a ‘like’ button.

  8. ‘You need a “like” button Nomad.’
    lol. yes i do.

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