‘Devoloped’ nations’ cooperate for lie-based unlawful wars: who’s coordinating this?

In my 18 years’ working with “leadership” of both US political parties as a RESULTS “hobby” lobbyist to end poverty, all of us on that inside were struck by the coordination of so-called “developed” nations’ governments and media to publicly lie regarding the essential facts that poverty could be easily ended for less than 1% of our income.

For example, consider this article from the New York Times to “cover” the largest meeting of heads of state (presidents, prime ministers, royalty) in world history, the 1990 World Summit for Children, at the UN in New York City. This major media chose to:

  • bury the story after sections on “Opinion,” “Books,” “Style,” “Travel,” and the “Classifieds.”
  • obfuscate with an article title of generic “leaders” meeting “on Children.”
  • omit key facts such as saving a million children’s lives every month for less than 1% of the developed nations’ income while reducing population growth rate, reducing terrorism, easing resource stresses, and that there is no academic or political argument against these facts.
  • write complaints nobody involved ever made about the cost of having this meeting, traffic congestion, and spending “more money” for a “long list” of goals.
  • allow US “leaders” of both parties to renege on all promises without report.

Importantly, since the 1990 Summit, deaths from preventable poverty are more than all deaths from every war, revolution, murder, and accident in recorded history.

So, we can reasonably conclude this story is important enough to both report-upon accurately, and to resolve with policy.

We can also reasonably conclude that a coordinated result of “developed” nations’ non-coverage and non-action is exactly that: a coordinated result.

Question: Since the “developed” world doesn’t want to save a million children from slow, painful, gruesome deaths each month, what do they cooperate to do?

Answer: Unlawful Wars of Aggression based on lies known to be false as they are told.

Read Resolving ‘developed’ nations’ OBVIOUS complicity in lie-started US War Crimes for explanation and documentation that current US-led wars are unlawful, based on easily-verified lies, and this recent history.

Question: Since the “developed” nations coordinate for these unlawful Wars of Aggression, who is doing the coordinating?

Answer: Let’s consider apparently related facts in similar coordination:

  1. So-called “monetary systems” create debt for what is used for money, while rejecting economic reforms worth ~$100 trillion to humanity in monetary reform, credit/banking reform, and CAFR audit/reformSeveral models (and here) of cost-free government are known, beginning with Benjamin Franklin’s pamphlet on colonial Pennsylvania operating its government without taxes to Thomas Edison explaining debt-free money with Henry Ford in a 1921 summer media tour. These existing solutions produce full-employment, the best infrastructure we can imagine, and overall falling prices.
  2. Hiding US government’s guilty verdict in the King Family’s civil trial for Martin King’s assassination, and hiding US government participation and cover-up in President John Kennedy’s assassination.
  3. Along with psychopathic prevention of saving children dying from the most painful deaths imaginable from poverty, there are ~100 other areas of crucial importance.

So, whoever is doing the coordinating have these extraordinary characteristics:

  • They want a million children’s horrific deaths every month from preventable poverty.
  • They want more wars that are unlawful Wars of Aggression and started on lies, despite two world wars and risk of a nuclear WW3.
  • They want increasing debt, unemployment, and public fear.
  • They kill leaders who oppose their wars.

So who could this be???

If you want the answer, better demand arrests of the OBVIOUS criminals acting as presidents, members of Congress, and “news” corporations. Cause their surrender through arrests or Truth & Reconciliation to make it safe for whistle-blowers to fully inform us what happened to bring this concentrated evil as human “leadership.”

Until then, expect more “developed” nation coordination to inflict death, debt, and pain upon humanity.

‘Devoloped’ nations’ cooperate for lie-based unlawful wars: who’s coordinating this? wasoriginally published on Washington’s Blog

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