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The Refusal of Democrats to Recognize that They’ve ‘Been Had’

by  Eric Zuesse I am a Democrat, but I hold “Democratic” politicians to the same standards as I do ones who are self-professedly Republicans. Sadly, only few Democrats do: they refuse to recognize that they voted for a Republican-at-heart in “progressive” sheep’s clothing, a conservative who had pretended to be a progressive in order to […]

Great Slave Sale! (Cash Only Please)

Shocker: comparing deaths from medical drugs, vitamins, all US wars

QOTD: ‘Either way, he’s crap’

British Intelligence Files: Obama Born in Mombasa, Kenya ———–seeker401@Follow The Money i present this video with the risk of now being called a “birther”! oh the horror! fwiw i do think he was born in africa..but its a peripheral issue for me..hes crap wether he was born in africa or america..