QOTD: We in the west suffer from the most hideous programming via the media

I came to wonder what purpose does life on earth serve? Billions live and die with a consciousness they never use, in a reality that they know very little about, under swingeing rules that inhibit and pillage them all the way.
Almost a quarter of all humans live under the crushing control of the old men that run the Communist Party of China.And a further billion are Moslems living under strict rules governing everything, especially the control of women.Then there is almost a billion Hindus and then add fundamentalist Jews and Christians and all manner of sects that seek to imprison people psychologically and you can see how humans are not allowed to have a mind of their own. There is always someone above them attempting to control their thinking.Then there are a few billion people that have never been offered any education at all, so their thinking is sadly limited by what little they know and finally there are few hundred million people, mostly in the west, that are licensed to think.But we in the west suffer from the most hideous programming that is offered to us night and day via the media and so you would wonder what free information is available. Certainly the Internet helps but generally we have no access to real information as to what is going on. We are in the dark and corruption permeates everything. There is one rule for the controllers and another rule for ordinary people.

Stuart Wilde

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