Bill Clinton: The first post-Democratic president

(The second, of course, was Barack Obama. Did I mention, the Democratic party must die? Ed.)
Clinton was not only politically realistic, he was culturally comfortable. He projected the image of an outsider, yet had adapted to the ways of capital insiders.  Official Washington — including government, media and the lobbies — functions in many ways like America’s largest and most prestigious club, a sort of indoor, east coast Bohemian Grove in which members engage in endless rites of mutual affirmation combined with an intense but genteel competition that determines the city’s tennis ladder of political and social power. What appears to the stranger as a major struggle is often only an intramural game between members of the same club, lending an aura of dynamism to what is in truth deeply stable.
Clinton did not disappoint. He became our first post-Democratic president and began disassembling sixty years of Democratic progress buy such things as cutting social welfare and ending the Glass-Steagall Act, the latter contributing in a big way to our later economic disaster.

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