Is This Cartoon Racist?

I don’t think so.

The Ugly Lie of Glenn Foden’s ‘It’s Not My Fault That Gravity is Racist’ Editorial Cartoon

I am curious as to your reactions and thoughts about this editorial cartoon by Glenn Foden.

My reaction?  It makes a good point. Obviously gravity is not racist. But racist opposition has often been given as the reason for the dismal performance, by progressive standards, of Barack Obama’s administration. That simply isn’t true. The failures of this administration are due entirely to the incompetence or,  perhaps more accurately, faux opposition, lack of imagination, and the Neoliberal mindset  of Barack Obama.
The cartoon is funny because it reflects in a picture the irony of the precipitous decline of Obama’s job approval and how it will be interpreted by his defenders. To them, virtually any criticism of Obama is by definition racist; much the same as any criticism of Israel, valid or not, is deemed antisemitism.  Barack is a president coated in black Teflon. “He crashed because of racism! Therefore gravity is racist!” That is a hilarious Obamite misreading of what anyone else can see with their own eyes. No. He didn’t crash because gravity is racist. HE CRASHED BECAUSE HE DROVE OFF A CLIFF!!!

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