The first African American woman to write and direct a film for a major Hollywood studio

This February I think I’ll commemorate Mulatto History Month.

America. Where black people are sometimes white.

Darnell MartinMARTIN WENN


Darnell Martin was the first African American woman to write and direct a film for a major Hollywood studio in 1994 with her production “ I Like It Like That.” It was known to little, however, that Martin was born to a Irish-American mother and a African American father.

In fact, I must do a post on “passing” in the 20th/21st century for these  light skinned Negroes:


Flashdance actress Jennifer Beals was born to an Irish mother and African American father. Beals has always seen herself as “being the other in society” due to her biracial ethnicity, but says it made her a better actress for her later years.


Carol Channing stunned fans everywhere when the Broadway actress revealed her father was of African American descent. Channing dropped the bomb in her 2002 autobiography Just Lucky I Guess, and says she is “proud of her heritage.”

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  1. just saw devil in a blue dress. what an appropriate role for jennifer beals. i only saw the end but looks like a damn good movie.

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