Daily Archives: January 21, 2014

“Martin Luther Coon Day” in San Antonio

San Antonio weatherman says MLK slur was mistake BY KOLTEN PARKER, JEANNE JAKLE : JANUARY 16, 2014 KABB meteorologist Mike Hernandez is pictured with “Fox News First” anchorwoman Monica Taylor and former traffic personality Miriam Zamorano. SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio weatherman apologized Thursday for using a “racially insensitive” term while referencing Martin Luther King Jr. […]

(No) Hope and (No) Change

Obama’s NSA Speech: Nothing Will Change   The same criminal spying except it’s now blessed by the White House by:  Alfredo Lopez This past week, the Federal government threw a one-two punch that will effectively destroy the Internet as we know it. Demonstrating, once again, his talent for obfuscation and misdirection, President Obama made a speech […]