Twilight of the Gods

It seems like I’ve been watching all this happen my entire life.  By the time I was fourteen I was pretty much “aware” as they say, that many things in life were not as advertised.  I could see that ‘daily life‘ was just a consensus reality facade giving lip service to the moral codes we all claim to live by.  That was also the year they killed JFK right in front of everyone.  Make a point, set an example.  We got it.  They are in control.
That event which sent the population into numbed silence and disbelief was the catalyst for me.  The Coup D’etat carried out as a public execution was the turning point forAmerica; it marked the end of our innocence and the beginning of our internment in a police state.
The corruption and duplicity were always present in politics before Kennedy, it was just very well concealed from the great unwashed masses who were too busy chasing the American Dream.  Back in the days when good men might have been able to stop what was happening, the great shining lie concealed itself like a scorpion at noon.  All these long years later, as the endgame unfolds, it has no need to hide, in fact, they have been blatantly throwing it right in our face, and thumbing their nose, ever since 911.
Naturally, when you see so many things going wrong, things that just aren’t right by anystandard; you seek to tell people, so they might see the same truths…and hopefully tell others.  Limping towards that hundredth monkey!  I expected it to be difficult all those years ago, and it was; because you first had to dig up evidence, proof…that sort of thing then tie it all together in a convincing manner.  Didn’t always work.
You’d think that it would be so much easier to convince people these days, but that just isn’t the case.  With all the evidence and proof they’d ever want literally at their fingertips, people today seem somehow emotionally invested in remaining oblivious to oblivion.  I have a hard time even trying to understand why; it just makes my head explode some days.  Mammals got their chance at the brass ring of evolution after that big space rock killed off the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, and humans became the highest expression of mammalian life, going on to dominate the planet, as if we were Gods.

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