Daily Archives: January 2, 2014

Nation’s Major Paper Now Says Snowden’s a Hero, but Won’t Say Obama’s a Criminal

One cheer for the New York Times (three for the Guardian) by: Dave Lindorff   Let’s start here by conceding that today’s New York Times editorial [1] saying that President Obama should “find a way to end (Edward) Snowden’s vilification and give him an incentive to return home” was pretty remarkable. It shouldn’t be, though. Former National Security […]

The Shocking Redistribution of Wealth in the Past Five Years

Paul Buchheit | Commondreams | Anyone reviewing the data is likely to conclude that there must be some mistake. It doesn’t seem possible that one out of twenty American families could each have made a million dollars since Obama became President, while the average American family’s net worth has barely recovered. But the evidence comes from numerous reputable […]

Screen Propaganda, Hollywood and the CIA

Selected Articles By Julie Lévesque Global Research, January 01, 2014 Global Research 1 March 2013 Region: USA Theme: Intelligence, Media Disinformation “One of the most pervasive trends in 21st century western culture has become somewhat of an obsession in America. It’s called “Hollywood history”, where the corporate studio machines in Los Angeles spend hundreds of millions of dollars in […]