Unholy Crap! They’re Even Calling It “Beast Tech”

“It’s cool to wear the Mark of the Beast”

Brasscheck TV

There is a mental illness which has infected technophiles who work in the Silicon Valley and for MIT, and DARPA labs. They have run out of real creative and human ideas, and are now convinced that total tracking and control of the human population is the end all and be all.

VIdeo - DARPA and Google ‘Wearing electronic tattoos for is cool’

This sad cadre of degenerate individuals working for the likes of Google and DARPA are overpaid – and over-valued by their globalist benefactors in government and Wall Street – all of whom seek to profit off of the dehumanisation of 21st century society. They are calling it “BEAST TECH”.

“DARPA and Google want to convince young people that wearing electronic tattoos and ingesting daily digital ID tokens for “authentication” is cool.”

They’re serious…

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