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Protesting pot prohibition while black

by: Linn Washington Jr.   Ed Forchion, recognized as America’s foremost black marijuana legalization activist, freely admits that he “agitates” people – powerful people from prosecutors to politicians and even more mainstream anti-pot prohibition advocates who bristle at his antics. The activism of Forchion, often outrageous like his March 2000 stunt of smoking a marijuana joint […]

Freedom Rider: Food Stamp Corporate Welfare

  by Margaret Kimberley “Discussions about government spending are inherently bogus because the elephant in the room, big business, is absent.” The federal and state governments operate under a system which is of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations. Ordinary governmental functions which could easily be carried out with public money are […]

Obamacare VS Single Payer – Top 10 Things the ACA Gave Us VS the Top 10 We Gave Up

  By  Bruce A. Dixon What happens when opportunity knocks and you tell it to go away? There’s a term in economics called an “opportunity cost.” The opportunity cost of any project is the negative value of the most favorable option you gave up to get whatever you got. In the case of the so-called […]

The Road from Pearl Harbor

DavidSwanson … Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, which was not then part of the United States, President Franklin Roosevelt had tried lying to the American people about U.S. ships including the Greer and the Kearny, which had been helping British planes track German submarines, but which Roosevelt pretended had been wrongly attacked. Roosevelt […]

Slavery Was Believed Permanent Longer Than War Has Been

Slavery Was Believed Permanent Longer Than War Has Been By David Swanson This article is excerpted from the new book War No More: The Case for Abolition. In the late eighteenth century the majority of people alive on earth  were held in slavery or serfdom (three-quarters of the earth’s  population, in fact, according to the […]

Cannabis Use

Easy Access to Cannabis is Tempting naked capitalism                               by Lambert Strether                                     1:25 am This is Naked Capitalism fundraising week. 769 donors have already invested in our efforts to shed light on the dark and seamy corners of finance. Join us and participate via our Tip Jar or another credit card portal, WePay in the […]

President Pivot prepares to screw old and infirm

                    Whatever Happened to ‘No negotiations’ with Debt Ceiling ‘Hostage Takers’?        by: Dave Lindorff   President Obama ran for president promising change. What his backers didn’t realize was that he wasn’t talking about changing America for the better. He was talking about changing his position whenever he found himself in a confrontation with Republicans. There’s […]