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The Media — An Excerpt From Mass Control and The Redefinition of Freedom

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According to this article in Business Insider’s The Wire, in 1983, 90% of American media was owned by 50 companies; by 2011 and through relentless mergers, acquisitions and consolidations, the same 90% became controlled by 6 Major Corporations which dominate most of what Americans and the rest of the world read, see and hear on daily basis.
  • Disney is in first place with ABC (boasting over 200 affiliated stations), ESPN, Miramax, Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Pictures (Pixar Animation Studios, Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures). They distribute their films through Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, and the soundtracks and original music under Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records. Disney also owns A&E Television Networks and Lifetime Entertainment Services.
  •  News Corporation controls FOX (Fox International owns 120 channels around the globe, Fox Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, Fox Film Entertainment, Fox News, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Blue Sky Studios, Fox 2000 Pictures and more on an international scale), MyNetworkTV, The Wall Street Journal, NEOCON,  New York Post, 27 television stations and over 150 newspapers.
  •  Viacom owns MTV Network (operating in 160 nations), Nickelodeon, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, LOGO, SPIKE TV, VH1, Paramount Pictures, plus a high internet presence.
  • Comcast has AT&T Broadband, Xfinity, CN8, E! ENTERTAINEMENT, The Golf Channel, NHL NETWORKS, NBC, Universal Studios.
  • Time Warner controls HBO, TIMES, CNN, The CW, Warner Brother, and over 100 subsidiaries including TMZ,, Moviefone,, and more than 150 magazines and marketing companies.
  • CBS owns SHOWTIME, Smithsonian Channel,, JEOPARDY, 60 MINUTES, 48 Hours, CBS Morning News, Group W Satellite Communications and 30 stations and over 200 affiliates).

The Knock Out Booyah is that those giant 6 all get their news from Reuters and the Associated Press. Reuters owns AP and The Rothschild family owns Reuters. Tadaa.

And still, people believe that they make their own choices and they live in a free country. The above facts clearly show how this elite is really the one who control what the masses get to see, read, hear and consequently, think. Of course they will be biased to protect their own monopolistic financial and political agendas and it simply happened by eliminating any kind of diversity in both ownership and programming in mass media those last few decades.

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