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Divide and Install

The Protest Movement in Egypt: “Dictators” do not Dictate, They Obey Orders By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Egypt is currently at a dangerous crossroads which could evolve towards a civil war. It is important to understand Washington’s role, which is carried out by the Pentagon and US intelligence. While the Armed Forces have cracked down on the […]

NSA Surveillance and the Failure of Intelligence Oversight

NSA Surveillance and the Failure of Intelligence Oversight Secrecy News by Steven Aftergood Jul 1 Recent disclosures of NSA collection of records of US telephone and email traffic have some unfortunate parallels and precedents in the early history of the Agency that were thought to have been repudiated forever. “After World War II, the National Security Agency […]

Bolivia: The Hunt for the President’s Plane By Nil NIKANDROV

7 July 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation It is not that important from what source U.S. intelligence received a signal that Edward Snowden would be transported out of Russia on the airplane of Bolivian President Evo Morales; the important thing is that the information turned out to be disinformation. Through allied governments in Europe – France, […]

Europe No Likey NSA Spying, Still They Roll Over for USA

 Dave Lindorff It is clear that the entrapment and forced landing in Austria of the official airplane carrying Bolivian President Evo Morales was the work of the US, which was obviously behind the decision by France and Portugal to deny air rights to the flight, and which also was obviously behind the Austrian government’s demand […]