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This Is Just Unjust +Update

Tomorrow, Willie Manning Is Scheduled To Die. Shouldn’t Mississippi Find Out If He’s Innocent First? By Cassandra Stubbs, ACLU Capital Punishment Project at 10:33am Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant alone has the power to save Willie Manning, who is scheduled to die tomorrow, May 7, 2013. Mississippi is steamrolling toward execution even though there is compelling evidence […]

One More Surge: That’s All I Ask of You

washingtonsblog.com The war in Iraq – which will end up costing between $5  and $6 trillion dollars – was launched based upon false justifications. Indeed, the government apparently planned both the Afghanistan war (see this and this) and the Iraq war before 9/11. It is ironic that our military is what made us a superpower, but our huge military is bankrupting us … thus destroying our […]