I Know! Let’s Have a National Alex Jones Hissy Fit!

Don’t f*ck with a mad Bostonian, says digby

While I do strongly disagree with the notion that Alex Jones should not be allowed to spout his bilge — it is a free country, after all — I will fight to the death for this man’s right to insult him:

(WARNING: many colorful curse words in this clip)

In truth, Alex Jones has done a much better job reporting the news than most of his critics. I mean, com’on. If it were left to the MSN and its normalized news counterparts in the alternate media we the general public would still not have heard of the Bilderberg Group. At least Jones is trying to uncover hidden agendas, and not aiding in hiding information and spreading official propaganda. I mean, I could take these normalized news creatures’ criticism of Jones seriously; if they weren’t so cowardly themselves in running away from those stories. You’re trying to shame Jones, but you are the ones that should be ashamed, mainstream bloggers and normalized news sites. You should be ashamed of not doing your job.

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