Quote of the Day: Twilight Time in Obamaland

The clock is ticking on those who have put the political fortunes of a Black corporate schill in the White House above the interests of African Americans and the global human community. What will the misleaders do with their wagons when there is no Obama for them to circle around – or when he has totally discredited himself even among his most loyal constituency, as with his stance on entitlements?

Revisionism becomes the order of the day. Yesterday’s cheerleaders for Obama are now scrambling to find harmless niches of simulated protest from which they can rebuild their resumes as defenders of the people’s interests. Previously compliant members of the Congressional Black Caucus will decide that it’s time to regurgitate, rather than swallow, Obama’s “Satan Sandwiches.”

But some of us have kept a record, and kept the faith. And we will not forget who did what in the Age of Obama.


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