Daily Archives: April 17, 2013

Exhibit A: Barack Obama

  Margaret Kimberley … Despite the phony wars between Democrats and Republicans, there is consistency at the top. Ever since the Ronald Reagan presidency Democrats and Republicans have done their best to put and keep the malefactors of great wealth, the 1%, on top. Barack Obama has done nothing to alter this awful trend. Like all of […]

Quote of the Day: Twilight Time in Obamaland

The clock is ticking on those who have put the political fortunes of a Black corporate schill in the White House above the interests of African Americans and the global human community. What will the misleaders do with their wagons when there is no Obama for them to circle around – or when he has totally […]

Barack Obama: Wall Street’s Perfect Manchurian Candidate

by Pascal Robert “What we see here is Obama speaking to his true base, those who gave him his marching orders, and continue to do so.” On April 5, 2006, Barack Obama, a neophyte with only 15 months in Congress, was the only U.S. Senator to attend the first meeting of former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin’s Hamilton Project at […]

James Corbett: When False Flags Don’t Fly

Before the Collapse, a Call to Action

by KEVIN ZEESE and MARGARET FLOWERS http://www.counterpunch.org Before we get to the impact of the Obama budget, let’s explode a critical myth: there is no recovery (at least for the 99%). Last month’s unemployment numbers revealed the fraud of the unemployment rate.  Even though the country produced less than 90,000 new jobs, when over 120,000 […]