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Geoengineering, And Our Warming Planet, (No, It’s Not Getting Colder)

by Dane Wigington The Earth was cooling until the start of the industrial revolution. This would be expected as the planet is in the elliptical phase of its orbit. The graphs below speak for themselves. Those who still believe the planet is undergoing overall cooling today should do serious research and take the time to […]

The vertical depth of the Geo-engineering

Scott Stevens January 25 2013 After several days with lots of trails, the in coming storm certainly is the target of many, many flights. The low sun angle provides a twice daily view into texture, making more visible the vertical depth of the Geo-engineering that is more easily visible during this time of day.

The Philadelphia Experiment, the Nazi Bell, and Secret Technology

Investigator of alternative technologies, Joseph P. Farrell discussed his research into secret military projects such as ‘the Bell’ made by the Third Reich and the Philadelphia Experiment conducted in the United States. Both projects may have incorporated Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, and made use of rotating magnetic fields and torsion physics, working with spirals of […]

Piers Morgan Falls Ill Days After Public Flu Shot with Dr. Oz

(By Anthony Gucciardi | Natural Society) Just two days after it was reported that GlaxoSmithKline’s Pandemrix H1N1 swine flu vaccine has actually caused a whopping 800 cases of narcolepsy in children according toReuters, a major publicity stunt for the efficacy of the flu shot as presented by CNN has crashed and burned. After receiving his very […]


by Mark Glenn In an admission stunning for its frankness (and particularly given the fact it originated with a politician whose country is held prisoner by foreign, criminal interests) Rep. Paul Kanjorski, (D, Penn) Chairman of the House’s Capitol Markets Subcommittee recently admitted on C-SPAN that  the current economic problems faced by ~ not just […]

Engineered and Ready to Be Pulled

  Zen Gardner :You’d think people might start to realize something serious is actually going down. But most can’t begin to fathom the degree to which that is true. It’s way too horrific to grasp, never mind fully realize and integrate into their lives. If just one spent fuel rod pool just at Fukushima collapses, there […]

Sandy Hook: The Logistics