Morning Trails +Cloud Cover +Light Rain +Dreary


Numerous chemtrails at various stages of dispersion all over the sky this morning. 8:00 AM. I have a feeling that this has been the case on previous days, when I was not able to get out so early. At 10:00 the trails have mostly disappeared, leaving behind a pale sky and a nebulous band of clouds here and there. I suspect that the bulk of the chemtrail spraying takes place overnight; probably in the hours just before dawn.

Unlike the past couple of days, however, eventually these soft translucent clouds enveloped the whole sky. Man-made cloud cover? I don’t know. Likely a mixture; natural moisture interacting with sprayed aerosols.


Rain overnight, early morning. Light rain. Overcast sky.


Dreary, dreary weekend. Mild temperatures. Not raining, except perhaps overnight. The ground remains wet because, apparently, of very high humidity.

Unrelated, but because there were so many of them at my back door when I went out this morning, I saw that the squirrels were just running rampant. I counted about 6 in the pecan tree near the back door and about 6 more in the general vicinity. I live in squirrel haven, all right. They are numerous. The hawks and feral cats are apparently not doing their job. Come to think of it, I’ve seen neither lately. The next thing you know the squirrels will be moving back into the attic of my house. I had a battle getting them out last time around. Not looking forward to Squirrel War II.

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