Ain’t this something? Look at the calendar. I realized yesterday as I was writing down yesterday’s date that today would be an alignment of like numerals. 12/12/12. Although nothing special has happened on such alignments in recent years, I keep expecting something significant to happen ever since my experience on 7/7/07. I just happened to see a tubular flying object that day. But it was more than the alignment of the sevens  in the date that made these numbers stand out. I jotted down the time and date of my sighting and was shocked that I was writing down so many sevens. At 7:00 AM on 7/7/07 I saw a UFO. It also happened to be the seventh day of the week. The number 7 is important here. Rarely does the number of the day of the week match that of its date, month and year; and cannot happen at all after the first seven years of the century. So that alignment of temporal sevens is astronomically rare. Hence, its not that I saw the  UFO that is the eerie part. It’s that I saw it  at a moment when all of these temporal sevens lined up. I know. There is no rational explanation for it and probably no meaning to it. Synchronicity. A term that describes nothing.  Still it is an odd coincidence. I may not be able to say exactly where I was and what I was doing at any other precise moment in my life. But I will always remember exactly where I was standing and what I was doing precisely at 7:00 AM, on the seventh day of the week, on 7/7/07.

I’ll wait to see what happens at 12:00 today.

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