Daily Archives: December 5, 2012

Krugman Nails It: Economic Proposals Only Considered ‘Serious’ if They Inflict Pain on Vulnerable People

… PAUL KRUGMAN: Obama is actually very serious in the real sense. It’s just the notion he hasn’t done anything on entitlement reform is totally unfair. He’s done more than anyone has ever done before. GWEN IFILL: Well, talk about one part of the Republican, if you want to put air quotes around it, plan, as […]

Race: A Question That Needs to Be Asked

I can’t find any pictures of this poor man, though I’ve now spent about a half hour searching Google. I’m just going to assume he’s black. It is Texas, i’nit? Is there a conspiracy  and collusion   in the  media to cover up the racial aspect of this case? Former Death Row Inmate Imprisoned for 30 Years […]