Let Us Spray

Alexandra Bruce
(December 1, 2012)

If you have been on the fence about the existence of Chemtrails, this video will settle the issue for you, once and for all.

It begins with footage taken from the cockpit of a FedEx aircraft, where two United States Air Force KC-135 Tankers, spraying thick plumes of material from their wing ducts pass within 2,000 feet of the FedEx craft. The FedEx pilot immediately requests a different altitude from Air Traffic Control, only to be met with a *third* near-miss collision – with yet another USAF KC-135 Tanker, spewing tons of stuff from its ducts.

Clearly, Air Traffic Control was oblivious to the presence of these three USAF tankers, which were operating at commercial altitudes. This may have happened if the military planes had their transponders turned off. Also, it appears that the Air Force planes were not detectable by radar.

This shocking episode is followed by footage taken by a passenger of a commercial jet, showing a tanker clearly dumping a thick substance which does not resemble a contrail.

This footage is followed by a sequence of even more amazing shots of unbelievably thick plumes of stuff being dumped by Air Force jets, accompanied by serious daredevil flight maneuvers.

Hands down, this is the best chemtrails footage that I have ever seen!


*Hi, tech. I put a star by the attempted link.


  1. Hi, tech. I put a star by the attempted link.

  2. KC-135. Never seen one of those. I have seen C-17s. Flying low. These things dont fly low enough to identify. Or either they are not operating in this area. The nearest base is Navy after all. Not sure if they use KC-35s.

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