Daily Archives: December 3, 2012

Ain’t got time to look up at the sky +Something in the air +Overcast +Mix +

So there I was, you know? Just minding my own business. So many, many leaves! So just trying to get them raked into piles. Busy. Not even thinking about chemtrails; or looking up from my yard work. Ain’t got time to look up at the sky. Now ain’t that an appropriate metaphor for the condition of […]

Let Us Spray

ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Alexandra Bruce (December 1, 2012) If you have been on the fence about the existence of Chemtrails, this video will settle the issue for you, once and for all. It begins with footage taken from the cockpit of a FedEx aircraft, where two United States Air Force KC-135 Tankers, spraying thick plumes of material […]

“They Live!”

I swear. It is December. I don’t think a month has ever sneaked up on me so suddenly. Or the end of a year. I guess that’s what happens –when summer doesn’t quite end. Before the climate change, the end of the year was heralded by cold weather. November, November. How will I remember? A […]