The End Is Near

Awakening From The Abyss: End of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories


“Adolf Hitler claimed that communists burned down the Reichstag and that Polish troops had crossed the frontier and attacked Germany. With 9/11 americans experienced Washington’s version of these grand lies. An omniscient bin Laden dying from terminal illnesses in distant Afghanistan defeated the American National Security State and drove his attack through the walls of the Pentagon itself, requiring for our defense a “war on terror” that destroyed US civil liberties and financially ruined the country in order to prevent the triumph of a man who died of natural causes in December 2001.” – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, “The Osama bin Laden Myth.”

The 9/11 controversy has already been settled. Objective, honest, and rational observers from around the world all agree that the official version of the events is a hoax. The governments of the U.S. and Israel were behind the 9/11 atrocities, not Al-Qaeda.

The return of truth and reason to public life has officially marked the end of 9/11 conspiracy theories. Those who deny the truthful account of 9/11 can do so until they’re blue in the face, but they will go nowhere because the facts are not on their side. And we live in a world of facts, do we not?

Deniers can save a lot of energy and time by accepting the reality of 9/11 instead of sticking mindlessly with the official story that only serves to justify war and tyranny.

Defending a bankrupt myth like 9/11 is impossible in the 21st century. Such a grand task was only doable by ancient wisdom priests who governed a universe that was defined by symbolic illiteracy, mass ignorance, and authoritarian rule.

Although our universe is not much different, due in large part to the hypnotic influence that the television and mainstream media has on the public mind, it is a mistake for modern day rulers to believe that they have the public in the palm of their hands like ancient rulers. The restricted public access to knowledge in the ancient world has been replaced with limitless access in our time.

The free and open Internet has aided in the creation of a vibrant, alternative, and parallel universe that has intellectually advanced light years beyond the propagandistic parameters of the limited, sterile, mainstream universe. There is a new global public, mostly young and technologically savvy, which the governments of the world cannot control, not with totalitarian propaganda nor force.

II. The Deception Cliff

There is a mantra in Washington that has taken on like wildfire. It is the “fiscal cliff.” GOP and Democratic cult leaders are throwing this word around Capitol Hill like it is the end of the world. “Oh my god, give us all your money middle class slaves, or else we will fall off the fiscal cliff.”

The criminal international banksters are relaxing in the fiscal himalayas, sliding down mountains of taxpayers cash, while their bought and paid for representatives are screaming about an imaginary fiscal cliff. Talk about bizarre.

“Fiscal Cliff” is an attention grabber, that’s for sure. But if politicians and media propagandists are truly concerned about America’s well-being they should be talking about the “Deception Cliff.”

What is the Deception Cliff?

It is the point when the U.S. government cannot lie anymore and must tell the truth or it will collapse and fall into the rubble of history. The real deception cliff poses a bigger national security threat to the United States than the imaginary fiscal cliff.

After the deception cliff is the credibility cliff. The hijacked U.S. government is barely hanging on. It believes money can fix everything. But that is a serious delusion. A trustworthy government is better than a rich government. Trust is a more valuable possession than money. The Federal Reserve’s worthless money isn’t going to last forever, especially not when corrupt liars are in charge. If a government is ruled by honest stewards of the public treasury then a country can deal with any national disaster successfully.

In the past, Washington was able to deceive the American people at will. But all that changed with the Benghazi attack. The story of the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012, was deliberately made up by the Obama administration. This was nothing new, but very much part of the pattern. The White House also lied about Bin Laden’s death, and the 9/11 events.

What made Benghazi different is that Republicans wanted to make Obama look bad to win back the White House, so they questioned every part of the official story. In the process, they have put the entire U.S. foreign policy establishment on trial with their statements and actions. By unraveling the myth of Benghazi in the public mind, the Republicans have made it acceptable to unravel the myths of 9/11 and Bin Laden.

It’s not even fun to question the U.S. government anymore. If John McCain is an anti-government rebel all of a sudden, questioning every piece of news about the Benghazi attack, then that puts him in the company of truthers and “fringe conspiracy theorists.” Don’t you remember when it was just the little good guys versus the big bad mainstream propagandists and government decepticons?

Benghazi changed everything. Today, the Senate is filled with conspiracy theorists trying to bring down Obama and his national security team. It is ordinary to question official White House statements. There is nothing fringe about it. Everyone is a conspiracy theorist now.

At the moment, all the public questioning is aimed at the Benghazi attack. But, who knows, 9/11 could be next, followed by the official cover story of Bin Laden’s death.

What does all this mean?

The era of conspiracy theories and government mind control is coming to an end. We are entering the era of truth and transparency.

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