Aisle C is my chronicle of the unusual. Since I first discovered chemtrails, about 4 years ago, I have found my sense of what is credible about the world we live in changing. The thing about chemtrails, it brought home to me the idea that the world I live in is not what I previously supposed it to be. An enormous secret operation was taking place in plain sight, evident to whoever cared to look up. And yet so few people recognize it or identify it as such, even when it is pointed out. That fact blew my mind. The enormity of the operation itself was mind boggling enough, but the fact that people were effectively programmed to ignore what was happening right before their eyes suggested an unimaginable degree of mind control and of the power of the shadow powers that was perpetrating this activity. I was amazed at how the shadow power had controlled my perceptions as well, because the chemtrail operation had been going on over my head and worldwide for at least a decade before I noticed it myself. It was the outer evidence of a vast mind control process and of a hidden agenda of massive proportions. If such a thing can take place with no acknowledgement by the government and no serious investigation by mainstream media, then everything I thought I knew about the world I live in is subject to radical reevaluation. That is why I now give credence to perspectives I would have dismissed as outlandish 5 years ago. Things such as the following.

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