Numerous chemstreaks +Misery +The usual

Numerous chemstreaks, at various stages of dispersion, all over the sky this morning. Some very long, the crosswinds spreading them out in spidery tendrils with gossamer angel hair texture.

The sky was probably about 3 quarters covered with a layer of thin clouds the last time I checked, around 2:30 PM. I don’t think any of this translucent cloud layer was natural. As I have previously observed, there is usually heavy chemtrail activity ahead of weather fronts. The pleasant temperatures we have had the past several days was forecast to drop the following day, implying a new weather system was about to move in. Hence, the spraying before the event. Later, overnight there was light rain, marking the arrival of this new weather front. Cloud seeding? Maybe. Meanwhile, I’ve been having respiratory problems this week. I suspect that the aerosol plasma we live in contributed significantly to my present breathing problems. Oh the irony of going out this morning to get some fresh air, under a chemtrailed sky.


Not much to report this weekend. Pale skies. A dubious trail here and  there. The usual.

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