Denver: Epicenter of Strangeness

Local TV station FOX31 in Denver reports of a presumably repeating UFO sighting in the capitol city of Colorado.

The special report is due to be aired today at 9:00pm Denver local time, and is suppose to include a witness testimony on this reacquiring UFO, including video taken during the sightings.

FOX31 presented a UFO video taken by a local area man who wished to remain anonymous, the film contains unusual flying object over the city of Denver.
But the TV station went on and placed one of its own cameras, in an attempt to capture this UFO and amazingly enough, they were able to!
Steve Cowell, former FAA counselor and a pilot himself,  was asked to try and explain these videos, but was only able to label it ‘unidentified’.
Both NORAD and the FAA were asked for their comments and said they do not know of any air traffic or unidentified crafts in the area, neither by visual contact or radar tracking.

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