Parabola trail +Dreary +Update +Disgusting


Back to standard procedure it seems.  Early morning chemtrails that disperse into an even film, bleaching the blue of the sky. There were several long chemtrails around 8:00, including a very unusual one. Rather than a straight line, its path was parabola curved.


Not much to report. Saturday was a great day. Partly cloudy, as I recall. Rain came at sundown. A drop in temperature. Cool Sunday but still pleasant. Frankly, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the sky, but I don’t remember seeing  chemtrails this weekend. Today, Monday, it’s dreary and overcast with light rain. Though I’ve seen no sign of chemtrails, you probably don’t want this rain touching your skin, considering the nevertheless ubiquitous aerosol plasma through which it has filtered.


The 6th was overcast. I don’t even remember going outside yesterday, the 7th. But I do remember seeing those small agitated white clouds out of my east facing kitchen window yesterday morning. They did not look natural.


Angel hair clouds sprawled across the sky this morning, so thin and spidery they could be nothing else but sprayed aerosols. Disgusting that they can do this to us in “plane” sight without a whimper from the mainstream media.

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