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HURRICANE KATRINA: Satellite Images Confirm Aerosol Geoengineering and EM Modification of CAT-3 Storm

By hsaive Hurricane Katrina – Click to ZOOM Above: Compare the “official” Katrina image released for public consumption to the MODIS images below.  The MODIS images contain more information than the public version – almost as if the public version was air-brushed to erase certain details. NASA MODIS satellite images confirm (1) High altitude Aerosol Geoengineering and (2) Visible […]

Parabola trail +Dreary +Update +Disgusting

11/2/12 Back to standard procedure it seems.  Early morning chemtrails that disperse into an even film, bleaching the blue of the sky. There were several long chemtrails around 8:00, including a very unusual one. Rather than a straight line, its path was parabola curved. 11/5/12 Not much to report. Saturday was a great day. Partly cloudy, as […]