Scaly Clouds +Cumulus Sponges

A large swath of thin layered clouds stretched diagonally across the sky from NE to SW this morning. It had the etchy “ionized” texture that always resembles, to my eye, the scales of a fish. If these are spreading chemtrails they must have been built up from several long trails sprayed parallel to each other; similar to the ones I saw exactly a week ago (clouds-and-stripes-forever). In addition to this scaly swath there were several freshly laid chemtrails at various places in the sky. 6:30 AM.

It’s deja vu all over again. Pale morning mist absorbed by cumulus sponges in the afternoon. 3:00 PM. Well, not all of it. The sky behind these clouds is still rather pale. The sky seems bluer than this morning but that may have something to do with the full brightness of the midday sun.

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