Day ja vu +Yep

So far this morning, looks like I could just repeat what I said yesterday.

This morning the sky was pale; sun bright. Not quite as pale at midday, but lots of cumulus clouds, most with frazzled edges, floating amidst streams of mist. 3:00 PM.

We’ll see if cumulus clouds roll in like they did yesterday. But the pattern is this: pale skies in the morning. Why? My guess is overnight spraying.

Oh, but you say, “My government would not do something like this.” Are you sure? They have a certain…history. And then again it may not be the government that is “doing” it. But if they are not, they are certainly not preventing it. They don’t even acknowledge that its happening, which is disingenuous in the face of the evidence but wholly consistent with the clandestine operations of the shadow government. (The existence of a  shadow government is virtually undebatable, by the way. All you need do to verify this is look at the vast amount of government documents that are secret or the vast amounts spent on black projects and secret services.) It’s happening. For real. There is no doubt that we, populations around the world, are being sprayed from the air with aerosols of some sort. Either by the government or with the government’s cooperation. If it’s the latter, the Feds either agree with the program of the chemtrail perpetrators or they are powerless to stop it. That last possibility would be the most disturbing development of all. If the most powerful nation in the world is powerless against the chemtrailers, that would mean that the ultimate source of chemtrails is indeed a powerful illuminati like organization or, as some have suggested, an extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional or otherwise superhuman entity.  In any case, the government is involved.


Yep, just as I figured. Today is a carbon copy of yesterday. The cumulus posse rambled through. As I have noted before, cumulus clouds seem to act as a sponge, soaking up ambient grey mist, turning the skies through which they navigate back to blue. And of course the edges of these clouds break down in the process, producing spidery contours and causing  parts of these clouds to break away.

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