A few clouds +A web of chemtrails

A few clouds in the pale sky this morning, thin layered; some with a rippled etchy texture, as if ionized. 11:00 AM.

And then, later in the day, around 4:00, as I drove across town, the sky was full of cumulus clouds; many large and moderately sized. Some had frayed edges, as usual, but other than that there were no signs of chemtrails. On my drive home around 7:00, it was an entirely different story. The entire sky was glazed over with a gossamer film. I don’t know if the cumulus clouds I saw earlier had simply migrated out of the area or if they had been broken down by sprayed aerosols and dissolved into this thin translucent sheet that now covered the sky. But that’s not all. All over the sky, like the web of  spider of cosmic proportions, were chemtrails. Long ones. Too numerous to count, running in all directions. Contrails of normal flights? There ain’t that much  traffic in the busiest air traffic centers in the world. The fibers were so numerous it made me think of this.


Indeed, since chemtrails are a worldwide phenomenon, it’s ultimate source is almost inevitably a vast international organization. Yesterday’s sky is a fractal representation of who and what is behind this massive “global engineering” project.’

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