Dissolving Clouds

This morning there were a few clouds overhead; small and decomposing, the obvious remnants of larger cumulus clouds. In the northeast, huge walls of mountainous clouds loomed. Unlike the clouds over head, the edges of these cumulus clouds were not frayed. They were so stationary I could not tell in what direction they were moving, but now, a couple of hours later the first bank of those clouds are directly overhead, blocking the sun and providing a small bit of relief from the otherwise oppressive heat. Curious and perhaps important to note, this first wave of clouds from that massive northern front now has frayed edges. The rounded contours it had before moving into this area are becoming spidery and pieces of the larger clouds are breaking off. This reinforces the suspicion I have that we are living, in this urban area, in an aerosol bubble. Even when there are no obvious chemtrails. The air is kept permeated to a certain degree with aerosols. That is why when cumulus cloud fronts move through this area they dissolve around the edges, if they are massive; dissolve completely if they’re small. 12:30 PM.

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