Cloud Layers +Vectoring

The cloud cover of this morning has broken up (3:30 PM). There are at least 2 layers to this mostly cloudy sky. This morning’s layer seems to be dissipating as another band of cumulus clouds rolls over them. The sky in the background is a cool hue of blue, almost purplish. Bands of gossamer mists stretches between the banks of cumulus clouds, and at yet a higher altitude, the parting clouds reveal long linear lace textured clouds, the spreading remnants of chemtrails.

Clouds waxed and waned, but there were numerous chemtrails among them. In the evening, with clearer skies, they were more observable. There were some that were very long, but most had pronounced beginning and stopping points, apparently spraying being turned on and off according to prescribed vectors. I saw a striking pair of identical parallel chemstreaks; at the exact same altitude spreading at exactly the same rate, both trails beginning and ending at the same point. Two parallel dashes literally drawn in the sky.

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  1. […] plane turning on and then turning off its spray. I had seen similar short dashes in the sky before. Here, for example. Similar bright flaring chemtrail dashes I had seen always lingered a long time. […]

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