Filtered Sunlight

Yesterday. There were some decomposing cumulus clouds here and there in the morning. The sky grew paler throughout the day. The clouds seemed to dissolve into a homogeneous film across the sky. I saw some high altitude streakers. Though the trails they left were short lived, judging from their size of  in relation to the dots from which they issued, however, they probably were spraying enormous quantities of aerosols. As I have often suggested, the reason that these trails disappear at about the rate of normal contrails is because the air is already saturated with aerosols. These short lived chemtrails are the means by which the sky is whitened without the apparent presence of the the more typical long lasting chemtrails.

This morning there is a white film across the sky, especially in the vicinity of the sun. 7:30.

At 3:00 PM, sky not as pale as this morning. Tufts of cloud remnants here and there.

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