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Chemtrail Time Lapse

 Print  PDF Another time lapse video of the process of creating artificial cloud cover. Undeniable evidence. (via   Notice how the sprayed material seems to effervesce as it hits the atmosphere.  Notice how the cumulus clouds break up as they migrate into the area that has just been sprayed, just as I have observed in my chemwatches..


What a relief to finally have some resolution to my quandary of the past two weeks. Every effort I made was till now in vain. I had no idea how frustrating it can be for a blogger to lose the homepage editing and comment functions on his blog. And then being caught in a limbo […]

Occasional chemtrails

Partially cloudy, the past couple of days, with occasional chemtrails. 8:00 AM.

Chemtrails in the Night

While you were sleeping-Chemtrails time lapse over moon Posted by Rusty  Print  PDF Capture of night chemtrails after dark is evidence they are not spraying to reflect sunligt for global warming.

Stealth chemtrailers +Long lasting chemtails

This morning the skies are hazy. No clouds. That is to say, no cloud formations. Just a pale film stretched across the sky. The sun is bright, by the way, but just filtered through this film. There are several high altitude streakers in the vicinity of the sun, leaving long but short-lived contrails. Because they vanish within […]

A repeat of yesterday

A repeat of yesterday. A cobweb of chemtrails being strung across a pale sky. 12:00 PM.

Oh what a toxic web they weave

The pale sky has been stitched all day long with threads of chemtrails. 5:30 PM.

Ghost Blogs

Interesting. Stats reveal that I get as many if not more visitors to my original blogs even though I no longer blog there. I’m in an awkward position of not being able to blog there (without significant inconvenience) and for some strange glitch I am unable to transport them to my new blogs. So there […]

And Chemwatch continues.

It was an overcast day yesterday. But the layer of clouds was very thin, almost like a translucent plastic sheet stretched across the sky. Artificial? I don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned the odds are 50/50. Not because of this particular sky but because of the pattern I have observed for more than a […]

There’s no app for that.

So, I’ve been effectively kicked off of Blogger. It’s been two weeks and there is no solution to my problems over there. And because of some glitch, either here at WordPress or there (somewhere between the two), I am unable to import my Blogger blogs. Amazing that at both services I have yet to discover […]