A Paler Shade of Blue

Oh they’ve been stealthy with it lately. I have seen hardly any chemtrails in the past several days; just secondary evidence: “contrail cirrus” clouds, cumulus clouds with frayed edges and pale, pale skies. I did see one possible chemtrail yesterday, a high flying dot leaving a  trail that faded within seconds into the pale blue mist of its background. It would seem to be a normal contrail except for the amount of material released in relation to the size of the object from which it issued. It was the same with the two planes I saw this morning; dots dumping, in ratio to their size, enormous amounts of aerosols which, I hypothesize, is readily absorbed into an already saturated atmosphere. These are touch up sprayers, topping off what has, in all probability, already been dumped overnight; keeping our sky that presumably desirable paler shade of blue.

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