What a relief to finally have some resolution to my quandary of the past two weeks. Every effort I made was till now in vain. I had no idea how frustrating it can be for a blogger to lose the homepage editing and comment functions on his blog. And then being caught in a limbo of none-importability was, to say the least, ironic. I am eager to be rid of the ambivalence of my mirror blogs. It’s hard to resist not simply deleting them immediately. It’s not like I haven’t already given plenty of notice. My new address has been posted for two weeks. My old blogs may not survive the day.

Meanwhile, I was outdoors for a while yesterday. Partly cloudy with chemtrail stripes. Long ones. There were some short ones later on, issuing from stratoflyers flying much slower than usual. A couple of the dots in the evening sun resembled glowing white worms inching through the stratosphere.

A glance outside right now reveals cumulus clouds with frayed edges and some smaller wispy clouds, apparently remnants of already dissolved cumulus clouds. This fraying around the edges and ultimately the dissolution of the cumulus cloud is, IMO, what happens when such clouds come in contact with previously sprayed particulates floating in the atmosphere. 1:00 PM.

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