Stealth chemtrailers +Long lasting chemtails

This morning the skies are hazy. No clouds. That is to say, no cloud formations. Just a pale film stretched across the sky. The sun is bright, by the way, but just filtered through this film. There are several high altitude streakers in the vicinity of the sun, leaving long but short-lived contrails. Because they vanish within seconds it is tempting to take these as normal contrails. Except for two things. From this distance the lines they draw are thin, but relative to the small dots from which the trails issue these fumes are  apparently billowing from these planes in quantities that dwarf them in size. In addition, it is my own supposition that these chemtrails vanish quickly because they are being sprayed into an atmosphere already saturated with aerosols and are therefore  immediately absorbed in the preexisting soup. These planes are in fact topping off the aerosol bubble that has already been created by earlier sprayings, maintaining the desired degree of particulate permeation, whatever that might be. Stealth chemtrailers. 11:30 AM.

This afternoon the gossamer canopy was reinforced by a network of long lasting chemtails. 4:00 PM.

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