There’s no app for that.

So, I’ve been effectively kicked off of Blogger. It’s been two weeks and there is no solution to my problems over there. And because of some glitch, either here at WordPress or there (somewhere between the two), I am unable to import my Blogger blogs. Amazing that at both services I have yet to discover how to get help. There’s no app for that. So, while I’m waiting for those several glitches to be fixed, here I am at a completely new blog. Ailse C. Hopefully  I’ll be able at some future date to import both Nomadfiles2 and Spacebook. I visualize Aisle C as a combining and  continuation of both. The same issues: the anomalous and mass deception.

On the positive side, there is an advantage to having to start a new blog on those subjects. It allows me to examine the issues from a new perspective. In a new voice. And since I cannot import my old blogs, I have to reference them as I would any other outside source. ATSS. (Something you’ll be seeing often on my posts: Ain’t  That Some Shit?). I’ve been intending to give a synopsis of my 3 years before the mast anyhow. Lo, the conditions for that have been thrust upon me.

I keep searching for words to capture a fundamental change in my perspective over that 3 year period. To put it into words. The world is not at all what I thought it was before my exposure to alternative media. The Internet. Indeed, it is the so-called conspiracy theorists that have had it right all along: there is a clandestine sinister operation at work in government and world affairs. They may be wrong in the specific details of this situation -who they are, what their goals are, how they operate, etc., but they are right in that essential kernel. The evidence is everywhere and literally self-evident. All anyone need do is look up at the sky. Depravity is written across it in the form of chemtrails. Prima facie evidence of  a secret cabal. The fact that the government allows it to take place means the government itself authorizes the operation. If that is so, it is of profound significance.

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