And Chemwatch continues.

It was an overcast day yesterday. But the layer of clouds was very thin, almost like a translucent plastic sheet stretched across the sky. Artificial? I don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned the odds are 50/50. Not because of this particular sky but because of the pattern I have observed for more than a year now. Gossamer clouds are indicators of sprayed particulates. Yesterday these were likely mixed with natural clouds, as it would have taken massive amounts of chemtrails to achieve such a complete whitening out of the sky as yesterdays. And of course it is possible that those clouds were completely man-made. The secret cabal that executes this operation certainly have the ability as well as the ruthlessness it would take to accomplish such a thing.

Today the skies are less pale, but now you can see the telltale gossamer agitated banshee clouds that are the residue of chemtrail activity. In addition, just a moment ago I saw a long thin chemtrail being etched like a white mark on a dusty chalkboard. 3:30 PM.

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