Martin Luther King Jr. Patterned Civil Rights Movement After Man Who Called Blacks “Savages” by Yvette “Poverty is not about having no money alone, it’s about having no power”–Arundhati Roy Most Americans know that Martin Luther King Jr. patterned his nonviolent resistance to racial oppression after  Mahatma Gandhi’s movement in India. What many observers are […]


I caught a glimpse this morning at dawn. Some pink streaks out my north facing bedroom window. I had no idea. Maybe they’ve been doing a lot of spraying since then, or maybe the sky was already full of chemtrails at the time and I was just seeing the tip of the iceberg through my […]

by Danny Haiphong “The American left has been restrained partly because of the absence of reliable independent media that can communicate anti-establishment politics to the people.” New York City is not the only location in the Empire where young Black and Latino Americans are stopped and frisked by the police. The organizations Black and Pink, Youth Against Mass Incarceration, […]

SOURCE: MICHAEL KRIEGER, LIBERTY BLITZKRIEG The sickening transformation of these United States into an authoritarian police state with an incarceration rate that would make Joseph Stalin blush, has been a key theme of my writing since well before the launch of Liberty Blitzkrieg. One of the posts that shocked and disturbed readers most, was published […]

Yeah, I seen’em. My sister texted me “have I seen the chemtrails”. Yeah, I seen’em. Disgusted, you know, but yeah, the chemtrails are flagrant today. Chemwatch worthy. I saw them this morning. Quite a few, but not as many as at midday. Now they are all over the sky, stretching in every direction. Some from […]


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