Well, this is about the best example I’ve seen of a plane turning on and off its aerosol spray. Around 6:30 AM I was sitting outside gazing at the swirly chemo-cirrus clouds that are ubiquitous this time of morning. I saw a high flying plane leaving a trail that began in the middle of the […]

By Glen Ford August 20, 2014 “ICH” – “BAR” — Ferguson Unmasks the War on Black America A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford “The military character and mission of the police is more clear today than when the Black Panther Party and others sounded the alarm in the Sixties.” The brave […]

Subliminal Message: Invisible Cops Are Watching Us They know everything we’re doing, apparently keeping us under surveillance. Following  us from place to place, hiding outside to make sure we are not getting drunk. One has to wonder what else these invisible cops are screening for, and what are they doing with the info they gather […]

Ferguson protest in Moscow Undernews Russian students at the US Embassy in Moscow

  via http://www.zengardner.com/us-congress-stirring-911-truth/

  New Michael Brown Shooting Eyewitness Give Compelling Account of Killing Piaget Crenshaw, a resident of Ferguson, captured the video, which displays the aftermath of the shooting. “God bless his soul, the police shot this boy outside my apartment,” Crenshaw was heard saying in the video, which was shown on CNN’s “New Day” on Monday. […]

AlterNet.org Main RSS Feed by Janet Allon ‘If they can go a whole night without killing an unarmed black man, they can have their f*cking toys back.’ HBO’s John Oliver dove right into events in Ferguson last night, entertaining as he informed his audience about the absurd over-militarization of America’s police forces and, of course, […]


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